Push-back is a dynamic accumulation system that does not require the stacker to be inside the aisle and enables the storage of up to 8 pallets deep in every lane.

The functioning of this system is quite simple: after placing the first pallet on the rollers conveyor, the remaining are placed one after the other pushing back the already stored ones. When unloading, the first pallet is removed and the others automatically advance to the aisle by gravity.

The pallets stored in every lane should have the same reference since Push-back system works according to the LIFO system (Last-in, First-out), in which the last pallet you store will be the first to come out.

Being a compact storage system it provides optimal space saving and a higher storage capacity.

Push-back system also enables a faster pallets’ output. Since every product is easy to locate, the stackers’ operating time is reduced as the distances to cover are shorter as well. Despite being a compact storage system, it can store different references in every lane. It can easily be adapted to the client’s needs and to their loading units.

There is a “full lane” signalling device in the front. Everytime the mechanical device turns red, it means the lane is full.