Flow-track is a gravity sliding system that combines maximum space saving with a higher loading/unloading pace.
This system offers a perfect rotation of products through the FIFO system (first-in, first-out), which makes it the best choice regarding the storage of limited duration products.
Being a compact storage system, flow-track provides a higher storage capacity.
This system also enables a faster pallets’ output. Since every product is easy to locate, the stackers’ operating time is reduced as the distances to cover are shorter as well.
Flow-track also offers improvements regarding the stock’s control since there is only a reference for every lane.
It can easily be adapted to the client’s needs and to their loading units.
A final lathe in reverse inclination to assure further smoothness to the pallets braking. In standard solutions all components have a galvanized finishing.
Brake rollers to control the pallets’ deflection pace.